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Modern Bedroom Interior

Contact us about loft conversion insulation 

Converting your attic can add real value to your property, but you need to ensure you’ve got adequate loft conversion insulation. Available for homeowners across the UK, Eco Subs can see if you qualify for a grant and can get it for free. Contact us to find out more.

Modern Bedroom Interior

Make the most of the room in your roof

Almost 25% of the heat in your home can be lost through the roof, so there’s no point in spending all that money converting your attic to create a freezing space that you can’t use. The key is making sure you’ve got insulation. At Eco Subs, we can make sure that any gaps in your walls and joists are fully filled, so your new room will be warm in winter, but still stay cool in summer. We most commonly use polystyrene or polyurethane due to their thermal efficiency and will deal with everything right down to the boarding.

How will insulation a roof conversion help?  

  • Adding insulation will keep your loft room at a comfortable temperature, all year round

  • It’s an eco-friendly and easy way to make your home more energy efficient and reduce your overall energy consumption.

  • It’s a great selling point that can help you increase your asking price if you sell your property in the future

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Arrange a free consultation

If you’re not sure if your roof is already insulated, speak to Eco Subs. We can carry out a professional survey which will also let you know whether the existing insulation is adequate for the space. You could even qualify for a government grant to help you cover the cost. Get in touch and get the ball rolling.

Make sure your loft conversion is as energy efficient as possible. Contact Eco Subs to find out more.

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