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Construction Worker Spraying Expandable Foam Insulation between Wall Studs

Find out more about foam cavity wall insulation 

Foam cavity wall insulation is one of the most cost effective ways to conserve heat so you use less energy. Available for households across the UK, Eco Subs can help you deal with rising fuel costs. Get in touch to find out more.

Construction Worker Spraying Expandable Foam Insulation between Wall Studs

An intelligent approach to insulation

This type of insulation uses foam to fill the gaps between your cavity walls. As it expands, it forms an airtight seal which helps to prevent heat loss and enhance your home’s energy efficiency. There’s less draughts, less noise and it can also reduce condensation. With a number of ongoing government incentives to help people reduce their CO₂ output, you could even receive funding and get a grant to help cover the cost.

The benefits of foam cavity wall insulation:  

  • It’s very quick and easy to install, and is highly cost effective

  • Around 33% of heat loss occurs through your walls. Foam can significantly reduce this, so you don’t need to use as much energy to heat your home

  • Filling the gaps in your cavity walls can help to improve structural integrity

  • Expanding foam also reduces noise – perfect if you live in a busy area or by a main road

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We help homes across the UK fight fuel poverty

With everything you hear in the news, it’s natural to worry about the cost of energy. At Eco Subs, we think that everyone should be able to afford to heat their home and help people across the UK to access the various government schemes and funding available. We specialise in insulation which can significantly reduce heat loss so you don’t have to use as much energy. Less energy means lower bills and less stress. Let us help. Get in touch to find out more.

You could qualify for free foam cavity wall insulation. Fill out our online form for more information.

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