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rolls of insulation partially installed in a loft space

Lower your bills with loft insulation 

Loft insulation helps to reduce heat transfer for a warmer home. At Eco Subs, we help people across the UK to access Eco Grants for free insulation. See if you qualify. Fill out our form to check your eligibility.

rolls of insulation partially installed in a loft space

Why should I get my loft insulated?

  • Loft insulation means less heat is lost, reducing your consumption and lowering your energy bills considerably

  • Significantly improve your home’s energy efficiency rating

  • Improve your home’s overall value – perfect if you’re planning on selling your property in the future

  • You can reduce your carbon footprint and play your part in the fight against climate change

  • Your loft insulation can last for up to 40 years, making it a worthwhile investment

Loft insulation materials:  

Mineral wool

This “wool” is actually made up of glass or melted stone fibres, which are then made into “batts” which can be used for insulation. It’s highly mould resistant, affordable, durable and very good for the environment.


Sheep’s Wool

100% natural, the wool can be bought either in rolls or as tiles. It is sustainable, recyclable and provides fantastic heat and sound insulation. It’s mould resistant and can trap allergens, helping to improve air quality.


Spray loft insulation

This liquid insulation is mixed with chemicals that cause it to rapidly expand, filling any gaps or spaces in your loft. It’s very quick, is resistant to moulds and bacteria, and creates a long lasting, durable seal.

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Check your eligibility for an ECO Grant

If you meet the criteria, you could get free loft insulation. Eco Subs can check your eligibility for grants and free government funding, helping you get everything you’re entitled to, so you can start saving money. Get in touch or fill out the form below so we can begin the process.

Fill out our online form to see if you could get free loft insulation for your home.

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