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Polystyrene foam beads

Bring down energy bills with bead cavity wall insulation

Around a third of heat loss in the home is via the walls. Bead cavity wall insulation can keep your house warmer in winter, so you won’t have to worry. To find out more about UK funding, contact Eco Subs today.

Polystyrene foam beads

What is bead cavity wall insulation?

Bead insulation is blown into the cavity between your walls using a specialist gun. Incredibly thermally efficient, they trap heat in your home to keep it warmer during cold weather. The beads won’t decay, they’re water repellent and they require fewer bore holes to install than wool or foam. To see if you’re eligible for a grant to cover the cost of installation, speak to the specialists at Eco Subs Ltd today.

What makes bead cavity wall insulation better?  

  • Provides full cavity fill, ensuring there are no cold spots

  • Doesn’t require fitting boards and is quick and easy to install

  • Incredibly durable, they’ll often last as long as your home

  • Incredibly efficient, they retain more heat for a warmer home

  • The thermal performance means you require less energy to heat your rooms, helping you to bring down your energy bills

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Is my home suitable for installation?

  • Your cavity walls should have a gap at least 35mm wide

  • The brickwork or masonry must in good condition

  • Any issues such as blocked gutters should be resolved before installation begins


If you’re not sure, talk to our team today. We’ll see if you’re suitable for government funding and will help you take your first steps towards a warmer home.

Bringing down your bills starts with better insulation. Fill out our online form to find out more about funding.

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