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Man using tablet at Natural gas processing facility

See if you qualify for boiler and heating grants 

At Eco Subs, we can see if you’re eligible for boiler and heating grants – if you can’t get it completely free, you could still see huge savings of £800-£900! We help homeowners across the UK, so talk to our team and see if you qualify.

Man using tablet at Natural gas processing facility

What is ECO4 Grant?

Energy price hikes have left everyone worried about how they’re going to cope with the increased cost moving forward. ECO4 is the fourth stage of the government’s Energy Company Obligation (ECO) scheme which has been extended until March 2026. It’s designed to support low-income households that can’t afford to insulate or upgrade their heating system, and help vulnerable people deal with high energy bills.

What’s an EPC certificate and why does it matter?  

An Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) helps property owners understand the energy consumption and costs associated with a building. At Eco Subs, we help households across the UK access ECO4 and other grants so that they can improve the EPC rating of their property and power their homes. Get in touch to check your eligibility - your warm, energy-efficient dream home is just a click away.

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The benefits of a new heating system:

  • Old, inefficient boilers and central heating will use more energy to heat your home. A brand new boiler and heating controls can provide significant savings

  • Servicing and maintenance costs on a brand new boiler are a lot lower

  • New boilers and heating systems are a lot safer, with a much lower risk of harmful emissions such as carbon monoxide

  • You can receive government support, so your new central heating system could cost less than you might think – you might even be able to get it for free!

See how much you could save. Contact Eco Subs to see which boiler and heating grants you qualify for

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